We don't just say we climb roofs or enter crawlspaces, we actually CLIMB roofs and actually ENTER crawlspaces.


"It was the best home inspection I have ever received. Fort Worth/Dallas Home Inspection was courteous, thorough, prompt, courteous and Michael was very patient in answering all of my questions, and addressing all of my concerns. The price was great too!!..."

Natalie Jackson, Grand Prairie


"Michael was very nice!  He was very patient, prompt, courteous and took the right amount of time to inspect my home, he didn't rush through like the previous inspector I used the last time I bought a house"

John Larson, Keller

"Fort Worth/Dallas Home Inspection was very thorough, prompt, clean-cut and appropriately dressed: the inspector even wore booties to protect my carpet.  He printed the report on site afterwards and went over the key issues that were wrong with the house. I was able to use that information to get the seller to fix several problems before I took possession of the home. The price was very reasonable too!!"

Mary Lopez, Fort Worth

Thank you for such a thorough inspection. My wife and I have had a number of inspections performed for us in Texas and Arizona, but yours was the most thorough we've ever read. We really appreciate you taking the extra time to explain the problems with the house and suggesting strategies in dealing with them. You and your company are top-notch and you really go the extra mile. Thanks again, we will be recommending your company to our friends and family.

John Luis, Euless