Impress your clients by recommending or hiring a GREAT home inspection company

Your clients depend on you to guide them through the unfamiliar, often intimidating process of purchasing a home. They depend on you to recommend companies that will best represent their interests. We are that type of company. Depend on us to help you stand out from your competition, by recommending a home inspection company that stands out above the crowd, by providing the right combination of value, professionalism and thoroughness.


We understand your needs as a Realtor

We know you often have short time windows in order to get things done during your option period. We also know that you want to recommend companies that treat your clients with the utmost in care, professionalism and respect. We serve those needs by:

  • Offering home inspections 7 days a week.
  • Offering home inspections on short notice, often the same day.
  • Online/phone scheduling up to 8 PM for home inspections the next day.
  • Providing a high value, high quality and thorough home Inspection.
  • Providing a handsome binder that contains all the reports, a home maintenance guide, as well as home specific videos on where to turn off the water and where to change the air filter.
  • Sending the home inspection report, the report summary and WDI reports in .pdf format, minutes after the home inspection is completed.
  • Sending tasteful and professional communication emails to you, your client and the listing Realtor, after an inspection is scheduled and after the home inspection is completed.
  • Surpassing your clients' expectations with the value of the home inspection they are receiving, and the care and respect we show for their needs..


We make you look good

We make YOU look good, because we treat your client and the home with the utmost in care and professionalism. We are readily available, before, during and after the inspection. We demonstrate our commitment to you an your clients by:

  • Being friendly and attentive to your client whenever we have contact with them.
  • By providing an excellent, top notch detail-oriented home inspection and patiently walking through the summary of our findings with them after the inspection.
  • Dressing professionally, by wearing casual business attire, not jeans, shorts and/or tennis shoes.
  • By being well-groomed and clean in smell and in appearance.
  • By driving clean, well-maintained vehicles, with minimal, but tasteful and professional signage.
  • By wearing booties in order to protect the homes' carpets and floors as well as leaving the home the way we found it prior to the home inspection.
  • Providing excellent communication during the scheduling process, during the home inspection and after the home inspection.
  • We do not sell or market your clients' information to affiliates that will bother them or try to market their services to your client during and after the home inspection.


We help make it go smoother

Although we are thorough, when we report our findings to your client, we use non-alarming language to describe the problems that we have uncovered with the home, We also offer friendly, simple and cost-effective suggestions on how to deal with our findings to your client.

  • During our conversations with your clients, we stress that no home is perfect and that our findings are generally normal for a home in this area.
  • If the home does have some problems, we recommend to them the type of contractor that will help them correct the issue with the minimum amount of cost and hassle.


How can you perform GREAT home inspections at such a reduced price?

We have perfected the art of home inspection, which allows us to perform a high quality, efficient home inspection in a realistic amount of time. Other ways that we keep our prices low, is by using high quality equipment, handheld devices and optimized inspection software. We also have years of experience performing inspections in a very efficient and thorough manner. We pass the benefit of our enhanced efficiencies (and the resulting cost savings) onto you, our valued clients.


What if we are not completely satisfied with the inspection?

In the very unlikely event that your client is not completely satisfied with the home inspection that we perform for them, we will do our best correct any complaints that they have. If after a reasonable amount of time (about 2 weeks), we still cannot satisfy your requirements, we will refund your inspection fee and pay for another TREC licensed inspector of your choice to inspect your home.