What to expect


Schedule your inspection on-line or via phone

You can schedule your inspection on-line or via phone as late as 8 PM for an inspection the next day. Depending on our workload, we can often perform an inspection on Sunday.

After you schedule your inspection

After your inspection has been scheduled, we will send you and your Realtor a confirmation email confirming that the inspection has been scheduled. We also send an email to the seller and the sellers' Realtor to notify them that there is an inspection scheduled at a specific day and time. We ask them for access to the property (usually through the Supra e-key service) and also ask that the property be made ready for the inspection by making certain that access is not blocked to the attic, the electrical panel and other important components and systems. For more information, please see our guide: “Tips for a Smooth Home Inspection”.

Have the utilities turned on

Make certain that ALL of the utilities are turned on for the day of the inspection; not having the utilities turned on for the inspection creates unnecessary delays and/or many systems cannot be properly or fully tested. This is most frequently a problem with vacant properties, where the seller has turned the utilities turned off to save money. This is especially true for bank-owned and distressed properties, where the home often has been vacant for a long time. If a property has been vacant for over a few days, and communication with the seller is poor, we suggest that you, the buyer, check, in person whether the utilities are turned on at least a few hours before the inspection.

Inspection day

We typically arrive at the home a few minutes early for the inspection. We then notify the resident, or the seller, if they are present, that we are on the premises to inspect the property for a real estate inspection. We typically start by inspecting the outside components of the house, then the garage, then the interior, then the attic. You are welcome to join us for the entire inspection. Often however, people are busy and only want to be present to hear a summary of our findings at the end of the inspection. Either way is fine. If you are only interested in us presenting you with our findings at the end of the inspection, we will provide an estimate of how long the inspection will take and a suggested approximate time window for you to arrive to hear the findings. If you cannot make the inspection at all, don't worry, we always email the home inspection report, the Wood Destroying Insect report and the report summary to you and your Realtor about 30 minutes after the inspection is complete. When you receive the reports, we suggest that you read all of the reports completely, and as soon as possible (preferably before the end of your option period). If you have any questions, please let us know and we will do our best to answer all of your questions. However method you choose to receive the report, if you would like, we will discuss the findings in a clear, concise and non-alarming manner.

On-Site printing

Unless you have notified us that you will not attend the inspection, we typically write and print the reports on-site. We have industry leading inspection software that allows us to write our reports quickly and efficiently. We print full color images and present our findings in an attractive binder that is chocked full of information regarding your home. We know your time is valuable, but sometimes our inspections take longer than we anticipate and are not ready to report our findings when you arrive. If we are not finished when you arrive, we will let you know the approximate time we will finish. You are free to stay, or to come back.

After the home inspection

Typically you can use the findings to gain a better understanding of the condition of the home on the day of the inspection. You can use this information to decide if the house is for you. You can also use the knowledge to negotiate concessions or price reductions from the seller. Please remember that the seller is never under any obligation to make any repairs. Also, please recognize that no house is perfect and the great majority of homes have some issues that will need to be corrected. Many issues can be corrected for a nominal amount of time or money, but some issues take more time and money. We will alert you if we believe that the house requires a significant amount of repairs. Additionally, if we believe a condition to be a major safety, expense or health issue, we will highlight those issues in the report summary.

After you move into your home

Use the completed Home Inspection Report as a guide as to the items that should be repaired or corrected. Besides the larger items that might need to be addressed immediately with your new home, the smaller, less expensive things like caulking, adding gutters, painting, adding insulation and overall general maintenance items will go a long way in reducing your short term and long term expenses. Simple and relatively inexpensive items like adding gutters, adding additional attic ventilation or insulation as well as watering your foundation can go a long way in reducing the likelihood of you being faced with major expense items later down the road. Please, if you have time, address these smaller issues after you move into the house. This will add to your overall enjoyment to your new home. Lastly, remember to enjoy your new home, you likely have worked very hard to afford to purchase it, please remember to enjoy it!